Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Shen Lung

Spring Session Announcement

altShen Lung Institute of Internal Martial Art


Strength -- Tranquility -- Purpose

Greeting Elders, members of Dong Hung Buddhist Academy in America, and everyone in the great Hampton Roads communities.


Spring is in the air.  It is a wonderful time of year.  Spring signifies new and rebirth for all things to blossom in accordance with nature’s harmonious rhythm.  It is also a great time for all of us to reflect and welcome new challenges.



altShen Lung Institute of Internal Martial Arts


Strength – Tranquility - Purpose



Classes:  We offer a complete Chen Pan Ling internal system that include:

Tai Chi Chuan (99 Patterns Form/Nanjing Form)

 Swimming Dragon Ba Gua

 Hsing-I Five Element Fists and Linking Form

12 Animal Hsing-I forms 

SuBa Hsing-I Form

 Feng Chuan I & II (Mountain Top Boxing)

Shaolin Tiger/Crane Form

 Thunder Stick Form

Chung Yang Sword Form

Yang Syle Tai Chi 24 (Short Form)

Hsing-I Staff


Chi Gung Meditation 

Eight Section Brocade Chi Gung

Note:  We do offer applications for all forms









*Classes are offered on Sunday mornings at Dong Hung Temple between 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Please click here to register online




Shen Lung Institute of Internal Martial Arts

Strength  -  Tranquility  -  Purpose


The benefits associated with Tai Chi are infinite.  

Despite its extensive history,however, Tai Chi Chuan has been studied scientifically only in the last several decades.

Here are some of the results found in recent studies:

Reducing anxiety and depression

Improving balance, flexibility and muscle strength



Shen Lung Institute of Internal Martial Arts

Strength  -  Tranquility  -  Purpose


Anthony Martin Nguyen.

Specialized in Chen Pan Ling Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing-I Chuan, Ba Gua Zhang, and weapons.

Bai Shi (Inner door) disciple of the Chen Pan Ling International Martial Art Foundation headed by Grand Master Chen Yun Ching.



altShen Lung Institute of Internal Martial Arts


Strength  -  Tranquility  -  Purpose


Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial art. A mysterious Taoist named Zhang San Feng is ascribed as the founder. Many regard Tai Chi Chuan as moving meditation. Actually, it is more like poetry in motion. While Tai Chi Chuan is martial based, it is, however, an art form that requires many years of diligent practice to reach a point of satisfactory. The power of Tai Chi Chuan is hidden in grace. Practitioners should keep in mind that while practicing Tai Chi, one should adhere to the principles such as sinking, weigh shifting, relaxing, and perhaps, most importantly, the body always move as a single unit connected from head to toes (interconnectedness) In Tai Chi Chuan, the legs and the waist drive everything and movements are performed in a flowing and continuous transitions.

The most fascinating aspect associated with Tai Chi is that it is a journey with no destination. It is a way of life. It is something that everyone, regardless of age, gender, and/or ability, can do for the rest of one’s life. Tai Chi not only increases longevity but it also enhances the overall quality of life. When practicing Tai Chi, please remember Tony’s 3 Ps: Practice, Principles, and Pleasure.



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