On Sunday, August 21st, about 30 of us came together at Dong Hung Temple for what seems like it might have been the first of many such gatherings to meditate on Peace and Healing for ourselves, others, and  the World. 

The day offered us the beautiful shade trees, the green lawn, and the shaded garden benches of the Temple grounds, with just the right amount sunshine and cool breeze, for those of us who chose to stay outdoors.  Those who decided to meditate inside had the comfort of the Buddha Hall's  cushions and benches, not to mention the AC.
     Before starting, a bowl of tiny white doves holding red hearts in their beaks was offered by one particpant, to be passed around for all the participants to have.  By about 2:00, everyone had found their spot for meditating, indoors or out,  and the Meditation gong sounded.  For the next hour, as people fell into silence to focus on peace, they sat, walked or stretched out in the grass, and the unity of spirit was palpable.  Peace and Healing were definitely in the air.  

   The hour passed quickly for me, and afterwards, many others said the same.  Several commented that they had no idea that they could sit still for an hour and expected that they would be doing some walking meditation.  But when the sound of the three gongs marked the end of the hour, they were amazed that an hour had passed... And that they were still sitting, comfortably, and without stress.  
  So much positive feedback has come from this experience. Many said that by focusing on peace for ALL, including the "wrong doers" of the world, they actually felt their hearts opening.  Many also mentioned how palpable the feeling of peace was, and what an ideal location the Temple was for such a meditation. Conversations were centering around the question of when we could do it again, and if it could be monthly,  bi-weekly, or even weekly.

  It seems that the overall sentiment was that people were  just glad to feel like they were doing something positive for the world. And indeed, they seemed to  believe deeply that such gatherings  truly do make a difference. Such is the power of concentrated thought.  
   And yes!  May we meet again.  Soon.

August 22, 2016

Ruth Peele

The Power of Silence

On August 21, 2016, a crowd gathered together at Chua Dong Hung Temple and Buddhist Education Center of America for a one-hour Silent Meditation for Peace and Healing.

Temple members, friends, and strangers came together to join in the single intent of spreading peaceful healing to the world. The meditation started with basic directions to help focus the hour of practice. Then participants chose spots on the beautiful grounds of the temple to quietly meditate.

Practitioners chose their own unique way of meditating. Some sat in chairs with their eyes closed, settling peace in their hearts before generating that to the world. Others walked the grounds, silently praying or reciting mantras. At the same time, participants around the world dedicated their time to join in amplify the healing energies being sent. 

Gentle cloud cover and a cool breeze cut through the summer heat to carry all participants through the hour of transformational serenity. A deep sense of tranquility settled around the grounds as the final gong rang to signal the end of the meditation. Carrying the equanimity of the completed mediation forward, new friends were made, and plans started to continue the Silent Meditation for Peace and Healing at a designated time each month. 

If you are interested in taking part in the next Silent Meditation for Peace and Healing, please contact Ruth Peele at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Karyn Beach

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