The Dhammapada Class # 6

The Dhammapada

The Buddha’s Path to Wisdom

March 14, 2011, Class # 6

Chuc Thanh teaching.

Vigilance, Verses 21-22, 23-24

Key Terms:      Vigilant/Negligent


Live the Dharma

Explanation of the main idea:

Vigilance brings happiness to us. Be careful with what we do every day. How we live our life is contributing to our happiness.

Points made by Chuc Thanh:

“Deathless” is a reference to understanding things in life, the circle of life. There is no dying. Look at water for example. Water is in liquid form, then a vapor as it evaporates, then a cloud as it condenses and then rain, which is water. This cycle is endless.


Life appears and disappears.


Reality is the way it is.


We determine our next life through our practice, which impacts our karma. There is individual karma and group karma within a community.


If you keep calm every day, you can handle unexpected situations better. When you are calm, you can think clearly. You can not think clearly when you are in a panic.

Japan is a good example of a community of people who practice mindfulness and calmness. In this time of great catastrophe they are treating each other with respect as they wait for assistance, food, water, etc.

Live here and now. Let go of the past. It is gone. There is nothing we can do about it. Empty the past from your mind to open your mind’s capacity to learn more.

Human life is just a momentary experience within the universe.


There is no tomorrow. There is only today. (“Tomorrow you can have this for free. Tomorrow never comes, there is only today”)


How do we prepare ourselves for he unexpected? How do we stay calm? How do we prepare for the last moment in this life? Through practice.


Everything is interconnected. Help yourself. Help others.

Mark Palamara 3-17-11

The Dhammapada Class # 5

The Buddha’s Path to Wisdom

March 7, 2011, Class # 5

Chuc Thanh teaching.

Dichotomies, Verses 13-14 and 19-20

Key Terms:       Uncultivated/cultivated mind

Passion, ill will and delusion

Contemplative Life

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The Dhammapada class # 4

The Buddha’s Path to Wisdom

February 28, 2011, Class # 4

Chuc Thanh teaching.

Dichotomies, Verses 7-8 and 11-12

Key Terms:       Mara

There are 5 kinds of Mara:  Namely: the 5 aggregates, Moral and Immoral activities, Death, Passion and Diety.  Al mentioned the book “The Monkey Mind”.  He shared the idea that our mind is our Mara.  Mara can be me tempting myself with things that are not balanced.  I need to become a better person for me.

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The Dhammapada class # 3

The Buddha’s Path to Wisdom

February 21, 2011, Class # 3

Chuc Thanh teaching.


Dichotomies, Verses 3 and 4


“He abused me, attacked me,                            “She abused me, attacked me,

Defeated me, robbed me!”                                 Defeated me, robbed me!”

For those carrying on like this,               For those not carrying on like this,

Hatred does not end.                                         Hatred ends.

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