Class # 8 07/20/09

Summary for class meeting held on 07/20/09


The topic for today's class was the Buddha's teaching about "Dependent Origination."  Sometimes referred to as "Interdependent Origination" or "Interdependent Co-arising," this teaching embodies one of the deepest insights in all of Buddhist thought.  It takes in the ideas of impermanence and nonself, which we already discussed, and gives them even wider scope. 

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Class # 7 07/13/09

Class 7


Today’s class was about Karma.  This was defined as the accumulation of the effects of words and actions, based on intention.  Without intention, there is no karma.  We had many examples of karma thought questions including:


  1. Does owning a cat for the purpose of killing mice cause bad karma?
  2. Is non action (e.g. living on a mountain top away from people and animals) a way to avoid bad karma

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Class # 6 07/06/09

Class # 6


In today’s class we covered emptiness, non-self, and impermanence.  Beginning with emptiness, we were reintroduced to the concept that nothing has a permanent reality.  Using the example of a bouquet of flowers, the concept was explained as that the idea of a flower is a construct, not reality.  In reality, the concept of a flower is made up of different parts, none of which by themselves are actually a flower.  In a way, nothing is actually a flower, but at the same time, everything is interconnected and thus everything is the flower [if I understand the concept correctly].

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Class # 5 06/29/09

Class 5


Today’s class started the discussion about the 5 Skandhas.  As opposed to the basic mind/body dualism in western thought, Buddhism holds that there are 5 distinctive components of individuals:


  1. Form/body
    1. Made up of:

                                                               i.      Earth-hard, physical

                                                             ii.      Water-wet, flowing

                                                            iii.      Wind-transitioning energy

                                                           iv.      Heat-fiery, energetic


                         Experiences pain, but suffering is all perception—one is unable to locate or pass on emotion

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