The Buddha’s Path to Wisdom

April 11, 2011, Class # 10

Chuc Thanh Facilitated

Flowers Verses 48-52

The following points were brought out in the class discussion:

- In verse 48 the reference to “…the person obsessed with…insatiable sense for pleasures is under the sway of death” means that we should not seek pleasures for the sake of pleasure so as to not be under the sway of death.

- What should we do in this life?  What is our mission?  How we determine and experience this is living our life.

- A flower is made of color, scent and fragrance.  Compare yourself to a flower.  What is my color?  What is my fragrance?

- Flowers do not compare themselves to others, such as “I am better than you.”  We should not consider the faults of others or compare ourselves to others.  We should concentrate on ourselves.

- Treat people you meet as your parents or brother or sister and accord them the same respect and gratitude.

- Everything that causes suffering has a solution.  We have to analyze the suffering to determine the solution.

Chuc Thanh noted:

- There are four types of friends:

  • He who is a helpmate.
  • He who is the same in happiness and in sorrow.
  • He who gives good counsel.
  • He who sympathizes.

- Remember the four noble truths:

  • Suffering.
  • The arising of suffering.
  • The overcoming of suffering.
  • The Eightfold Path leading to the ending of suffering (verse 190-192)
Mark Palamara 4-13-11

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