The Buddha’s Path to Wisdom

April 4, 2011, Class # 9

Chuc Thanh Facilitated

Flowers, Verses 44 to 47

The following points were brought out in the discussion:

- The reference to “foam” is to sea foam.  It is light and fleeting.  It can disappear as soon as you touch it.  Like a mirage.  We are here for a very short time.

- Mara is desire, hatred, passion, negative.  The flowers of Mara are the fruit of negative things.  Flowers turn into fruit as in cause and effect.

- So, a flower is a “cause” that we choose when we pick the flower.

- A “skilled” person in Buddhism is one who learns. Learn the dharma.

- Sometimes we worry too much about the future, about our demise.  Live for today.

- Learning Buddhism is learning how to take care of our mind.

- Mistakes are okay.  Learn from them.  Vow not to repeat them.

- Anger does not address anger.  Compassion addresses anger.

- Transform negative energy into positive energy.  This is skilled practice.

- In Buddhism, hell is not permanent as it is represented in other faiths.  Everything is impermanent.  Buddhism does not deny God.  Rather, God is not our destination.


Chuc Thanh spoke about the following:


The four woeful states in the realm of Yama are:

- Hell (A state of misery where beings suffer for their past evil actions.)

- The Animal Kingdom (Beings are animals)

- Peta Realm (humans)

- Asura Realm (gods, divine beings)

The four frames of reference are:

1.      The contemplation of the body.

2.      The contemplation of feelings.

3.      The contemplation of consciousness.

4.      The contemplation of mental qualities.

The four right exertions are:

1.      Exertion for the non-arising of unskillful states.

2.      Exertion for the abandoning of unskillful states.

3.      Exertion for the arising of skillful states.

4.      Exertion for the sustaining of skillful states.


Mark Palamara 4-5-11

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