The Buddha’s Path to Wisdom

March 7, 2011, Class # 5

Chuc Thanh teaching.

Dichotomies, Verses 13-14 and 19-20

Key Terms:       Uncultivated/cultivated mind

Passion, ill will and delusion

Contemplative Life

Suggested Reading:  “Taming the Monkey Mind” by Cheng Wey-An.

It is a free publication.  Here is a link to the PDF file:

Comments by Chuc Thanh:

Characteristics of an uncultivated mind include not caring, hatred, ignorance, and desire.  These things make a person unhappy.

The path to happiness is found living by the basic Buddhist concepts:

The Five Precepts:

Refrain from: Killing, Stealing, Sexual Misconduct, Falsehood, Intoxicants

The Four Noble Truths:

Suffering exists; the arising of suffering; the overcoming of suffering and the eight fold path leading to the end of suffering.

The Noble Eight Fold Path:

Right Understanding; Right Thought; Right Speech; Right Action; Right Livelihood; Right Effort; Right Mindfulness; Right Concentration.

The Five Aggregates of the human body:

Form; Feeling; Perception; Motivational Factors; Consciousness.

The purpose of practicing is to learn how our mind and our body work.  By understanding ourselves first, we will then be able to understand others.

The person who learns how to control themselves, control their mind, will have power.

Learning to calm ourselves is power.  Power is controlling ourselves, not controlling others.

We fail a lot.  Learn from mistakes.  Do not dwell on them.  Taking care of ourselves helps society.

We should protect what we let enter our mind by protecting our senses, like a guard at an entrance gate.

The three “goods” that impact how we develop our karma:  Do Good, Speak Good, Act Good.  This is mindfulness.

What we do good comes back to us.  We can then share it again.  This is called “merit”.  We develop or inherit merit from our good work.

Mark Palamara 3-9-11

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