God and Buddhism

The First Topic at Dong Hung Buddhist Temple English Language Service

 The Venerable Monks Thich Chuc Hoi, Thich Chuc Do and Thich Chuc Thanh presided.

 Al was selected to provide the topic of discussion for the Darma talk.  He handed out some selected articles he found on the topic of God and Buddhism.  Al started the conversation by advising the group that we all must seek our own understanding of God and that one person’s interpretation is not necessarily right or wrong, or meant to be that of another person’s.

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He just wanted to free himself so he can help others

The Dhammapada class has ended!

The Dhammapada class ended on April 25, 2011. On behalf of Dong Hung temple I’d like to say thank you to those who joined the class. The twelve weeks class went through many topics on the Dhammapada sutra which gives us a chance to reflect ourselves and learn how to live happily in this life. Here are some comments from the students who participated in the class. I’ll update more comments when I receive them from other members.

Chúc Thanh

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The Dhammapada class # 12

The Buddha’s Path to Wisdom

April 25, 2011, Class # 12, Final Class

Chuc Thanh Facilitated

The Fool, Verses 60-63

“Fool” is translated to mean a child who can not yet speak.

“Samsara” means “wandering again and again”.  It is the “continued flow of the stream of being from life to life, existence to existence.”

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