Change yourself

By S.N Goenka  

Observe your anger. Observe what your mind contains. Refrain from reacting. This is the first step towards coming out of suffering, advises Vipassana meditation master S.N. Goenka


Sectarian rites and rituals, sectarian beliefs or philosophies, sectarian religious ceremonies or outward appearances have nothing to do with dharma.
Dharma is totally different. Dharma means what your mind contains now. If what it contains is wholesome, it rewards you. If it is unwholesome, it punishes you.

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How I Became a Buddhist

by Kusala Bhikshu

One of the questions I'm asked most often is... How did I become a Buddhist?

I was born and baptized a Lutheran in Iowa. My families moved to Arizona in 1954, I was five and have many fond memories of the Southwest. I spent my high school years in Wisconsin and in 1969 moved to Los Angeles, California. Because my teenage years were spent in the 60's -- "Don't trust anyone over 30 and question all authority" -- I became an agnostic.

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Finding the meaning of life

By Loretta Johnson


Wibe finds Buddhist practice while pursuing degree
Is Buddhism a religion or is it not?

It all depends on how you would define "religion," but with about 365 million followers 6 percent of the world's population it is documented to be the fourth largest religion in the world, even if the Buddhist numbers in the Minot area are small.

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