"Studying [Buddhist sutras and] non-Buddhists books is not as good as being totally illiterate and practicing Buddha-remembrance."

-Zen Master Chu-hung-

"If you wish to attain liberation in this very life, you should concentrate on the Pure Land method. The Sutra[s] should be temporarily set aside, until such time as you fully possess the Pure Land principles and achieve one-pointedness of mind through Buddha Recitation. If you spend time studying while you are trying to engage in cultivation, you may not have the time or energy. Thus, you will achieve neither and lose the benefits of both."

-Pure Land Patriarch Yin Kuang-

What is Buddha-remembrance? It is:

The renunciation of all evil. Namely; killing, stealing, sensual misconduct, false speech, divisive speech, abusive speech, idle chatter, and taking intoxicants. We should vow to practice abstinence from these things.

The cultivation of all good. Namely; preserving life, giving, taming the senses, true speech, accordant speech, loving-kind speech, noble silence, and not taking intoxicants. We should vow to practice cultivation of these things.

The purification of the mind. Namely; our mind becomes confused to the impermanence (unstable) nature of reality and so we attach to and crave for things which causes us untold amounts of sufferings not only in this life but for immeasurable eons of birth and death past and yet to come! Another quote from Zen Master Chu-hung can further explain how to practice Buddha-remembrance.

" The moment when myriad thoughts are flying around in confusion is precisely the time to do the work. The more you gather [your mind] in, the more it scatters. The more it scatters, the more you gather it in. After a long time the work becomes pure and ripe, and false thoughts naturally do not arise.

Still, [the very fact that] you are able to become aware that false thoughts are a serious matter, is due to this one word "Buddha." If you did not practice Buddha-remembrance, false thought would surge on and on without stopping for an instant, but you would never manage to notice."

So please practice Buddha-remembrance by renouncing all evil, cultivating all good, and reciting "Buddha" or "Amitabha" to purify your mind. You can recite out loud, in a low quite voice, with your lips mouthing the words silently, or in your mind only. Any time is a good time for Buddha-remembrance. It is easy to do and has immeasurable and innumerable good results, for this life and the next.

One last note: "Buddha" refers to Shakyamuni Buddha, the historical Buddha who was a master of teaching gods and men the path to end all sufferings. "Amitabha" refers to the Buddha of the Western Pure Land who vowed that any beings who recited his name at least ten times, wholeheartedly, would be reborn in his Pure Land where he has been teaching the Dharma and helping beings attain Buddha-hood since over ten eons ago. Both words represent compassion, good-will and renunciation of cravings which cause suffering.

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