Bodhisattvas class 4

Dong Hung Buddhist Temple
Dharma Discussion Group

June 24, 2014

Topic:        Bodhisattvas,

The Venerable Thay Thanh led the discussion.  The group met on June 17 without a teacher present.  We compiled the following questions for the next discussion with one of our teachers.

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Cittānupassanā (Observation of the Mind)

Mahasatipatthana Sutta excerpt:

Here, monks, a monk understands properly mind with craving as mind with craving, he understands properly mind free from craving as mind free from craving, he understands properly mind with aversion as mind with aversion, he understands properly mind free from aversion as mind free from aversion, he understands properly mind with delusion as mind with delusion, he understands properly mind free from delusion as mind free from delusion, he understands properly collected mind as collected mind, he understands properly a scattered mind as scattered mind, he understands properly expanded mind as expanded mind, he understands properly unexpanded mind as unexpanded mind, he understands properly surpassable mind as surpassable mind, he understands properly unsurpassable mind as unsurpassable mind, he understands properly concentrated mind as concentrated mind, he understands properly unconcentrated mind as unconcentrated mind, he understands properly freed mind as freed mind, he understands properly not freed mind as not freed mind.

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Mindfulness of Feelings

Maha Satipatthana Sutra (Excerpt)

Here, monks, a monk, while experiencing a pleasant sensation, understands properly, "I am experiencing a pleasant sensation"; while experiencing an unpleasant sensation, he understands properly, "I am experiencing an unpleasant sensation"; while experiencing a neither-unpleasant-nor-pleasant sensation, he understands properly, "I am experiencing a neither-unpleasant-nor-pleasant sensation."

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